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We offer both loose fil and unitary surfacing and can work with you and your vision to make your playground safe and in within your budget.

Artificial Turf and Safety Surfacing

Artificial Safety Surfacing Turf is a high performance synthetic grass surfacing system formulated for high performance

athletic facilities (indoor and outdoor) as well as playgrounds and play areas that require fall protection. Ease of use and

install allows a residential application to be possible too. Comes primarily in 12’ or 15' wide rolls and can be fully glued down

over existing concrete, asphalt, or a compacted aggregate base.


Consisting of Polyethylene, Artificial Safety Surfacing Turf is more resilient, lasts longer in the sun and is far superior to

nylon and polypropylene as found in most of our competitors. It’s a durable and long lasting (warranty 10 years)

Product Highlights:
  • Durable

  • Unique Grass Density Design

  • Variable Blade Structure

  • Easily Self Installed

  • Fall Height Rated System for 6'

  • Play Areas

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Toddler Tumble Turf

  • Dog Parks

  • Sports Fields

  • Landscaping

  • Decking/Patio

  • Golf Putting Green

Sure Turf.jpg


Engineered Woodfiber

8-12 inches of WoodCarpet® combined with 3-4 inches of gravel and our Duraliner® fabric make this the most affordable system that we offer. Because of kick-out under equipment we recommend 8" thickness for equipment 4 ft. and under and 12" thickness for equipment over 4 ft. Install a drainage system below your Woodcarpet to extend the life of your surfacing

Product Highlights:
  • Impact Rating:8” Rated to 8’ and 12” Rated to 12’

  • ADA Compliant:Yes

  • Sub-base:Soil or Sand

  • Upside:Low Cost, Simple Installation, High Fall Height

  • Downside:Periodic raking and topping off.

  • Ideal Application:Public Playgrounds

  • Green Features: Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally. oPre-Consumer Recovered Content

Engineered Wood Fiber.jpg

Pour-In-Place Rubber Surfacing

A unique combination of EPDM/TPV rubber granules and a cushion layer

of shredded recycled rubber tires utilizing a European polymer that is

poured in place on site, providing a seamless surface for endless

applications. This surface primarily provides critical fall height protection

for children on playgrounds.


PIP Rubber Safety Surfacing can also help you realize creative designs with

patterns and graphics that other surface applications cannot achieve.

Includes materials and installation most anywhere in the country and

backed by a full warranty.

Product Highlights:
  • Seamless, slip-resistant, porous

  • ASTM F-1292 compliant

  • ADA approved

  • Indoor/outdoor applications

  • Proven durability

  • Materials are finest EPDM/TPV peroxide cured granules and 100% polyurethane binder

  • Professionally installed

PIP Rubber.jpg

Shredded Rubber

Surface Sure's Shredded Rubber is extremely durable surfacing option that also provides great impact attenuation. Made from clean, shredded recycled rubber that is wire-free. Shredded Rubber is easily installed and doesn't decompose. This innnovative surfacing option is available in five colors. 

Shreded Rubber.jpg

Bonded Rubber

Surface Sure's Bonded Rubber products consist of clean recycled shredded rubber that is coated and mixed with polyurethane binder. Bonded Rubber is an excellent option for highly accessible paths. The one step pour system creates a seamless surface installed at various depths to meet specific fall height requirements and is an excellent choice for smaller budgets.

Bonded Rubber.jpg

Rubber Tile

Safety Tiles are factory molded 2’ x 2’ tiles made from 100% recycled rubber. Various depths are designed and in stock to reduce the risk to children of serious injury associated with falls from playground equipment. In addition, one-inch (1”) tiles area available for the ultimate decking and fitness floor.


Safety Tiles and Ultra Fitness Flooring are available in standard pigmented colors or multi-color options with ease of installation and maintenance as well as proven durability. Safety Tiles are an ideal playground surfacing and can be easily self-installed.

Product Highlights:
  • Indoor or outdoor applications

  • Shipped to your site, at your convenience, according to your schedule

  • ASTM & ADA approved

  • Unique system designed for roof-top applications

  • Installed with full glue down or 4-Corner Lock system

  • Also available in 1" depth for fitness flooring, decking or walk paths

  • Residential or Commercial

  • Easy to Install

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Playgrounds

  • Patios and Court Yards

  • Walkways

  • Recreational Areas

  • Fitness Flooring


Tinders and Border Options


Rubber Timbers are the latest border system for landscaping and playgrounds. With the flexibility of rubber, it can form to virtually any edge desired. The top of the Rubber Timber is rounded to provide extra safety when used around a playground. Rubber Timbers are available in Dark Brown, Terra Cotta, Green and Black.


All Timbers are 8’ long and are offered in the following sizes.


  • 4” Tall x 4" Wide

  • 6” Tall x 4" Wide

  • 8” Tall x 6" Wide


A 6" Tall x 6" Wide timber and additional color options are available by contacting a representative at 1-800-787-0212.


*Note - Rubber Timbers do not meet any fall height requirements and are not intended for use within the Use Zone of playgrounds.


Rubber Border Timbers are ideal for commercial and backyard playgrounds. This rubber for playgrounds helps create a safe environment.

Product Highlights:
  • Ideal for Playgrounds & Landscaping

  • 100% Recycled Rubber

  • Molded channels for excellent drainage

  • Rounded top for added safety

  • Will form virtually any edge

  • Matches or compliments the No Fault Rubber Mulch products

Fallzone Park Timbers.jpg

Nature Curb

BT Model# NCB Brown

  • NCB - 12" Nature Curb Brown - 4'0" x 1' 0" x 0'3.5" / 122 cm x 30 cm x 

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