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Spaces For Play, INC is a woman-owned family business with over 25 years of experience in the design and construction of over 2300 playgrounds. We represent the world’s leaders in recycled plastic for commercial playground equipment. Our products are made 100% in the USA and help provide jobs within local communities. Our philosophy is to create learning environments for aspiring young children. Each client will be provided with a custom design to fit their program’s needs and we will work hand in hand to bring your playground dreams to life.

Custom Playground Designs

Spaces For Play, (SFP) blends design, education, and play theory into practice. Working together to provide an accessible nature-based learning center that invigorates and motivate children and teachers in the outdoor learning environments.


SFP will provide Auto CAD designs for new or enhance play areas that supports a variety of educational goals.

  • Auto CAD designs that provide the construction information needed to develop a detail cost proposal. 

SFP will also provide an equipment photo plan to help the client visualize what each product looks like 

Additional: SFP offers a full 3D conceptual rendering of what the playground will look like after installation

Playground Design
PSD Example.jpg
3D Example 4.jpg
3D Example
3D Example 3.jpg

Our Design Team

Sara at Spaces For Play

Note: Images above represent the same playground design

Sara L. Kreiss

Sara is an educational design consultant and founder of Spaces for Play. Her twelve years of experience includes teaching and directing young children and university students. Sara has published educational articles and is a continual speaker at various conferences on playground design, safety, and accessibility on outdoor natural learning environments.


In addition to her advanced degrees in education, she has successfully completed the requirements to become a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) and is also certified with the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS).  


Sara has participated in the international forum, presented by Reggio Children in Reggio Emilia, Italy. She continued to attend conferences in New Zealand and Australia, as well as engaged in a training program with Nature Explore. She went forth with her studies of "Nature Preschools" by traveling to Scotland, Ireland, Prague, and Waldkindergarten in Berlin, Germany (Forest Schools). She is the US Representative for the Scottish forest school-Mindstretchers, INC. 


Currently, Spaces For Play averages between $3-5.7 million in annual projects, estimating 75-100 projects yearly.  Sara has created over twenty-three hundred custom play environments throughout her 25 year playground career. Many of these projects have been developed for child care centers, schools, military bases, and public parks.


Why Choose Spaces For Play,INC?

Upcoming Speaking Events


If you are interested in attending any of Sara's speaking events, inservice training, workshops, or conferences click here to find out where she will be speaking and presenting next! As well as any of the downloadable flyer content from her workshops!  To schedule a speaking event with Sara, please contact her at 708-404-7272

Our Partners

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