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Tuned Drums

FN Model #: TD-IG-N

FN Model #: TD-IG-T

FN Model #: TD-SM-N

FN Model #: TD-SM-T

FN Model #: TD-PM-N

FN Model #: TD-PM-T


Type: Drum

Tonal Quality: Percussive 

Notes: 5

Cap Material: Boltaron 

Key / Scale: N/A

Range: Low to High

Resonated: Yes



- Set of 5 PVC hand drums with caps in 2 sizes (Normal or Toddler Tuned Drums)

- Drum bodies: Green only

- Caps colors: Rainbow or Taupe caps

Discover the rhythm with FN Tuned Drums, perfect for playgrounds. Explore different models, tonal quality, and materials for percussive play.

Tuned Drums

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