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Plastic Phoenix Table

US Model #: 65S-BRN6

US Model #: 65S-CDR6

US Model #: 65S-GRN6

US Model #: 65S-GRY6

US Model #: 65SM-BRN6

US Model #: 65SM-CDR6

US Model #: 65SM-GRN6

US Model #: 65SM-GRY6


Mount: In-Ground or Surface Mount

Size: Table is 6'L; (2) Seats are 4'L

Material: Recycled Plastic Lumber


All stainless steel hardware

Upgrade your playground with the durable Plastic Phoenix Table. Made from recycled plastic lumber with stainless steel hardware. Available in various colors. Designed for Schools, Parks, and Daycares!

Plastic Phoenix Table

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