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Plastic Phoenix Bench

US Model #: 66S-[BRN, CDR, GRN, GRY]4

US Model #: 66SM-[BRN, CDR, GRN, GRY]4

US Model #: 69S-[BRN, CDR, GRN, GRY]6

US Model #: 69SM-[BRN, CDR, GRN, GRY]6



Material: Recycled Plastic Lumber

Weight: 65 lbs (4' IG); 95 lbs (4' SM); 140 lbs (6'); 190 lbs (8')


All stainless steel hardware

8' Bench consists of (2) connected 4' Benches

Upgrade your playground with the durable Plastic Phoenix Bench, made from recycled plastic lumber. With all stainless steel hardware, it's built to last. Designed for Schools, Playgrounds, and Daycares!

Plastic Phoenix Bench

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