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FN Model #: PEG-IG-REC

FN Model #: PEG-IG-STL

FN Model #: PEG-SM-REC

FN Model #: PEG-SM-STL

FN Model #: PEG-PM-REC

FN Model #: PEG-PM-STL


Type: Metallophone

Tonal Quality: Bright / Sustaining  

Notes: 23

Note Material: Anodized Aluminum  

Key / Scale: (LH) A Minor; (RH) C Major Pentatonic 

Range: Alto / Soprano

Mallets: (2) Black (80 Durometer)

Resonated: Yes


Note: 23 note resonated metallophone, aluminum bars, 2 mallets.

Discover the Pegasus metallophone at our playground designer store. With bright sustaining tones and resonated aluminum bars, it's perfect for musical play.


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