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Flowers (Single or Set)

FN Model #: FWR-[T/O/I/Y]-IG

FN Model #: FWR-[T/O/I/Y]-SM

FN Model #: FWR-[T/O/I/Y]-PM

FN Model #: FWR-[T/O/I/Y]-IG-T

FN Model #: FWR-[T/O/I/Y]-SM-T

FN Model #: FWR-[T/O/I/Y]-PM-T


Type: Bells

Tonal Quality: Bright / Sustaining

Notes: (4) per Flower

Note Material: Anodized Aluminum

Key/Scale: C Major Diatonic

Range: Alto / Suprano 

Mallets: 1 Black (80 Durometer) per Flower

Resonated: No


Note: 4 different flowers, 4 different colors, with 4 anodized aluminum notes each, on a green powder coated steel frame each.

Discover our stunning set of playground flowers, each with four anodized aluminum notes and a vibrant green steel frame. Perfect for creating musical fun!

Flowers (Single or Set)

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