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Pine Tree Climber

PC Model# PC-2918-22-P (1 Branch)

PC Model# PC-2918-34-P (2 Branches)

PC Model# PC-2918-46-P (3 Branches)

PC Model# PC-2918-58-P (4 Branches)

PC Model# PC-2918-70-P (5 Branches)


Branch Step Height:

1'-10" (1 Branch)

2'-10" (2 Branches)

3'-10" (3 Branches)

4'-10" (4 Branches)

5'-10" (5 Branches)

Ages: 5-12 (depending on branch height)


Get the kids climbing and exploring with our Pine Tree Climber! Available in various branch configurations and heights. Perfect for ages 5-12. Designed for Schools, Parks, and Daycares.

Pine Tree Climber

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