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FN Model #: CPSO-S-IG

FN Model #: CPSO-S-SM

FN Model #: CPSO-S-PM

FN Model #: CPSO-G-IG

FN Model #: CPSO-G-SM

FN Model #: CPSO-G-PM

FN Model #: CPSO-MA-PAIR-50WEE-24


Style: Drum

Tonal Quality: Bright  / Sustaining

Notes: 9

Note Material: Stainless Steel

Key / Scale: F Major Pentatonic

Range: Alto / Soprano

Mallets: (2) Black (50 Durometer)

Resonated: Yes


Discover the FN Calypso series at the Playground Designer, featuring bright and sustaining tonal quality, stainless steel notes, and resonated design. Designed for Schools, Parks, and Daycares.


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