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For additional information, please contact Sara Kreiss at or call (708) 404-7272

Toni & Robin Christie


Toni and Robin Christie are inspirational Keynote speakers in the field of early childhood education.   


Robin’s work designing and building children’s playgrounds, furnishings and equipment is internationally renowned.  He is a passionate advocate for natural and aesthetic environments for our youngest children.   


Toni is recognized internationally for her contributions to the field of infant and toddler research and writing.  She delivers keynote addresses and workshops on many varied subjects relevant to early childhood education including leadership, communication, emotional development, respectful care, behavior guidance and self- review.


Together Toni and Robin provide visionary leadership for their team of more than 50 teachers, designers and administrators and Childspace.  They edit a quarterly magazine for early childhood in New Zealand and run around their country teaching early childhood teachers to play the ukulele among other things. These two always travel together and they make the perfect addition to early childhood education conference programmers as keynote speakers and workshop facilitators.  They are passionate advocates, highly inspirational, knowledgeable, entertaining and fun! 


Come see Toni and Robin

If you are interested in viewing the presentations offered by Toni and Robin Christie, please click here to be taken to their schedule for upcoming speaking events and downloadable content for conferences and workshops. 

To schedule a speaking event, please contact Sara Kreiss at 708-404-7272

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