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Marlin Leasing Financing

We know you want to offer the best playground area possible.  But we also understand that you run on a tight budget. So we have partnered with Marlin Equipment Finance, who offers an alternative to acquire new playground equipment.  You can finance equipment with an attractive short-term financing program and preserve your capital.



1.Total System Cost Divided by 12 = Monthly Payment

2.Total Term = 13 Months

3.1st and Last Payment Due in Advance

4.$1.00 Buy Out Purchase Option

5.Interest = 1 Payment

6.Minimum transaction Size of $5,000 




For information, please call: Sara Kreiss at Spaces For Play, INC. (708) 404-7272 to connect you to a Marlin’s Sales Representative. All credit information is confidential through Marlin Leasing. Click the images below to download the documents. to start the process.

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